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Time Zone and other travel tools

The World Clock

The World Clock shows current time in all parts of the world in the Standard version or Full version
Regions: Or you can customize your own version, and save it to your bookmarks.

Personal World Clock

Customize your own list of cities for the World Clock. Up to 25 cities from all over the world may be selected.

Useful if you have offices or contacts all over the world, and often have to check local time there.

The Personal World Clock is available in normal version and interactive applet version.

Time Zone Converter

Use the Time Zone Converter to calculate your local time, based on a date and time in another location. Or it can be used to calculate between any other two locations. It handles past, current and future dates and locations in 200 countries.

Meeting Planner

If you are going to make an international phone call, then use the meeting planner to find when is it a good time to call. If you plan a telephone conference, select up to four locations in the meeting planner and it will help you find a suitable time for your conference. Try the Meeting Planner or Advanced Meeting Planner.

Fixed Time Clock

If it is 9 am in Sydney, what time is it elsewhere? This service will help you find out. Past or present, this service will show corresponding local times around the world for the time selected. If you have a live show with international viewers or are planning a chat to meet friends around the world, it will help you coordinate it: Fixed Time World Clock.

Free Web Site Clock

If you want to display local time for a location in any time zone on your web site or blog, you can use this Free Clock.


About the World Clock – explains how to use the World Clock.
Time Zone Abbreviations – explains time zone names, such as GMT, EST, PST, and much more.
About Daylight Saving Time (DST) – general information about DST.
Spring Forward, Fall Back and Similar Terms – an explanation on what these words mean.
“Daylight Savings Time” and other variations – variations of the term “Daylight Saving Time”.
About Leap Seconds – describes what seconds are and how they work.
About UTC – Coordinated Universal Time – explains Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
GMT and Other Time Systems Explained – explains Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and other time systems.

Also have a look at The Date Menu with tools related to calculating dates and calendars.

International Dialing Codes

The International Dialing Codes service can tell the right number to call between many locations worldwide, including area codes for many countries.

Day and Night Map

The Day and Night Map shows the current position of the Sun and indicates which parts of the Earth are in day and which are in night.

Sunrise and Sunset

The Sun Calculator shows local time, adjusted for daylight saving time for when the sun is rising or setting, or in twilight, dusk and dawn.

Moonrise and Moonset

The Moon Calculator calculator calculates time for moonrise and moonset in local time.

Distance Calculator

The Distance Calculator calculates distance between any two cities available in the World Clock.

DST dates

Time Zone News - some important changes

These are lists of when DST (Daylight Saving Time) started and stopped in countries around the world in past years, and the planned dates for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Yearly overviewJanuary–JuneJuly–December
2009First half of 2009Second half of 2009
2010First half of 2010Second half of 2010
2011First half of 2011Second half of 2011
2012First half of 2012Second half of 2012

About Time in Different Regions

Time Zones General Information – explains what a time zone is, how time zones work, and more.

Time Zones History – historical background about time zones.

Below is general information time zones and daylight saving time (DST) in the following countries:

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