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Logo and Favicon Downloads

timeanddate.com’s logo and favicon (favorite icon) are available on this page for download and use at one’s own discretion. Please read the information on this page if you wish to download our logo or favicon.

Permission is not needed to use timeanddate.com’s logo or favicon but it is important that users adhere to the guidelines outlined on this page prior to downloading the logo or favicon. Users must understand that the deviations from the guidelines are not acceptable unless agreed to in writing by timeanddate.com. 

Please consider copying the logo directly to your site, rather than including it from our site.

Logo Availability

Websites can use the timeanddate.com logo to link to our site. The logo is available in several sizes.  The following logos are suitable for downloading:

click to download 198x19 logo 198 x 19 pixels
click to download 170x16 logo 170 x 16 pixels
click to download 139x14 logo 139 x 14 pixels


timeanddate.com’s favicon (favorite icon or website icon) must only be displayed in the address bar, next to a site’s name in a list of bookmarks, or in tabs. It serves as a visual reminder of our website. Web browsers who wish to use timeanddate.com’s favicon can download it by clicking on the icon below.

click to download 16x16 favicon logo 16 x 16 pixels
click to download 32x32 favicon logo 32 x 32 pixels
click to download 48x48 favicon logo 48 x 48 pixels

Download Instructions for Logo and Favicon

Please use the following instructions to download the timeanddate.com logo:


Below are the terms and conditions for using timeanddate.com’s logo:

timeanddate.com’s logo should not be used for content that:

Please note that most of the restrictions in these guidelines apply to the use of timeanddate.com’s favicon.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about how to use the timeanddate.com logo, contact us via email at: webmaster@timeanddate.com. We will review your query as soon as we receive it and we will respond as promptly as possible.

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