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Copyright notice

timeanddate.com is Copyright © 1995-2009 Steffen Thorsen / Time and Date AS.

Logos, Images, Java Applets, scripts and individual pages are Copyright © 1995-2009 Steffen Thorsen / Time and Date AS, unless stated otherwise.

The collection of information provided by the site is Copyright © 1995-2009 Steffen Thorsen / Time and Date AS.

You may not copy or modify those images, scripts, java applets or html-pages without permission. (Normal caching of content by web browsers and proxy servers is allowed, as long as the files are not being redistributed or modified).

You may quote information from this website (limited to 500 characters per page) if a link to the source is provided as well.

Please see the Link Policy to see how you are allowed to link to this site, or at the link to the Calendar and Link to The World Clock pages.

You may not use extraction tools or tools to download parts of this website, or the entire website. You may not store pages permanently except for personal use.

Exceptions and external copyrights/trademarks

Images, titles and product descriptions of products in the Shop section of this site are generally copyrighted by the individual vendors (eg. Amazon).

Images and links provided by advertisers are generally copyrighted by the advertisers.

Java is a Trademark of Sun Corporation.


If you have any questions about these rules, please do not hesitate to send an email: webmaster@timeanddate.com
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