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Custom Countdown Counters

Countdown to New Year

These countdown timers help you count towards the New Year, which is the year 2011 at this moment.

Multiple time zone countdown

You can see this countdown which is available in an interactive, applet version and a static version.

Who will enter the year 2011 first?

Single time zone countdown

There is also a single city version available in a text version and a version with more graphics.
You can select many locations or time zones for this countdown.

Custom countdown

Here is a countdown to the time of your choice. You can pick your own time and date to see a countdown to any event. Once you see your countdown, you can make a bookmark or link to it.

Time since the year 2000

This counter originally counted down to the year 2000. It now counts the time since the year 2000, in many cities around the world. It is available in an interactive, applet version and a static version.

Time since the year 2000

This is a counter that counts time since the year 2000 started. It is available in an applet version and a normal, static version.

Time since the year 2001

This was a Millennium counter that counted down to the third millennium and 21st century, which started on January 1, 2001. It is still counting, but now it is counting the time since the year 2001 started. (The Millennium did not start in year 2000 as some people believe).

See the Millennium pages for more information.

iPhone Countdown App

blurb image showing the iphone application
timeanddate.com’s countdown application is now available on the Apple iPhone. It is found in the App Store with the name Exact Countdown 2010.
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