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Calendar Printing Help


To print a calendar, click on the link "Printer-friendly format" (next to an icon of a printer), which can be found under the Holidays and Observances box under the Calendar. A printable version will be shown after clicking on the link “Printer-friendly format”. This version of the calendar does not have advertisements, hyperlinks, or other options that are seen at the top and bottom of the regular calendar.

Please note that the accuracy of the calendars is not guaranteed. You use the calendar at your own risk. You can read the Disclaimer for more information.


When printing a calendar to display many months, many pages may be needed and the calendar may be cut in the middle of a month on the calendar, making it difficult to use.

If this happens to you, please use the "Format" tab, under "Advanced Customization". In there you can modify the number of rows to be printed per page by adjusting the "Add page breaks" setting.

Fitting a calendar to one page

The calendar will often not fit into one single page when printing a standard calendar.

In the event of this happening, please use the "Design" tab, under "Advanced Customization". In there you can tick the "Show advanced design customization" tick box, which will display further customization. There you can adjust the "Zoom" setting to something smaller so that it will fit on a page.

Specific browser instructions

Please visit the following pages for more information according to your browser:

Firefox: How to Print the Calendar in Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer: How to Print the Calendar in Internet Explorer
Other: How to Print the Calendar in Other Browsers

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