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Linking to the Calendar

You may link to the Calendar, for personal pages, organizational pages, commercial pages, directories and corporate intranet pages, as long as you do not change the contents of the links, pretend to be part of www.timeanddate.com or pretend that the links are part of your site. (See Link Policy)

Below is a number of examples with html code included, you may use some of those, or modify some of the examples slightly, or use some other way of linking.

How to link to a special calendar

Generally, just use the Calendar, use the query below the main calendar to generate the wanted calendar, and use the address(URL) in the Location-field of your browser as the link, e.g. a year 1990-calendar for Great Britain:
See calendar for 1990 - Great Britain

HTML code:

Or you could just have a simple calendar, that shows the current year:

Calendar generator

HTML code:

Or you could link to a certain month on the monthly calendar:

See Calendar for June 2008

HTML code:

Make the calendar available directly from your own site

You are allowed to include the form below on your webpage, to make the calendar directly available from your site. You might also modify the code slightly, if that fits better with your design.
The www.timeanddate.com Calendar Generator
Enter year:

HTML code

(cut and paste into your editor)
You may drop the selection of countries, and choose one country specifically, look at the code above, and see what number is after value= on the line of your country, e.g. USA has 1, United Kingdom has 9, and replace the same number below with that country, on the
The www.timeanddate.com Calendar Generator
Enter year:

HTML code

(cut and paste into your editor)

Tips and Tricks

Customizing the calendar form

Making long URLs shorter

Some addresses/URLs on timeanddate.com can contain many parameters and be quite long. These URLs can cause trouble if sent on email, as they will break into several lines in some mail clients. For this purpose, a "Short URL" service is available on most pages, look for a link labeled "Create short URL to this page" near the bottom of the page.

Use of address in other media

If you want to publish the address in your newspaper, magazine, TV or radio program, you might want to read these recommendations.

Calendar tools

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